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Week of November 25, 2013:
After You've Gone's Amanda Abbington


Amanda Abbington
Abbington with the cast of After You've
in the Christmas Special.

I hope you're enjoying having Are You Being Served? back in our Afternoon Tea line up. While it was off the air we replaced it with a series that seems to have really grown on a lot of viewers; After You've Gone – and in case you missed the news, we'll be bringing back the series, on January 7th at 1pm.

January of course is also when Downton Abbey returns with Season 4; that'll be on Sunday nights, beginning January 5th. Also in January, we finally get to see the first episode of the third series of Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Amanda Abbington
Amanda Abbington with partner
Martin Freeman.

Freeman by the way is the longtime partner of After You've Gone actress, Amanda Abbington, who plays Siobhan. The couple team up in the new Sherlock series, where Abbington plays the character of Mary Morstan; John Watson's wife. They met on the set of the film Men Only in 2000, but Abbington had first noticed Freeman when she'd seen him on a TV sketch show and had been instantly smitten. A couple of months later she was moaning to the make-up girl on the set of the film Men Only that she hadn't got a boyfriend, and the girl told her there was a guy on the same job who'd been saying the same thing; that he was looking for a nice girl.

Amanda Abbington
Freeman and Abbington on the
set of Sherlock.

"At that minute Martin walked in", recalls Abbington, "and I just had a thunderbolt. It dawned on me: 'Oh, God it's him!' We flirted with each other all day and when I went home he texted me, saying 'You left and I wasn't done flirting with you. That's a bit rude', which I thought was really smooth." The next night Freeman invited Abbington out for a drink and two months later she moved in with him. Home now for the pair is in Hertfordshire where they live with their two children, Joe and Grace.

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