Grantchester's James Norton
Tea Time Tidbit

Grantchester's James Norton

Learn more about the Masterpiece heart-throb and how he's keeping busy between seasons of Grantchester -- plus some bonus snaps from Heather's friend who bumped into him at a bar!

What's next for Hugh Bonneville?
Tea Time Tidbit

What's next for Hugh Bonneville?

The actor returns to his first love: the stage. But then it's back to PBS, with an appearance in The Hollow Crown series and a starring role in a new period drama.

Leap Day is Ladies' Choice
March monthly article

Leap Day is Ladies' Choice

Females of the land, did you miss your chance this year to ask for your love's hand in marriage? If so, put your red petticoats away for another four years.

Chocolate Easter Eggs
April monthly article

Chocolate Easter Eggs

For well over a hundred years we've been feasting on the dark and milk chocolate varieties, while the Cadbury Creme Egg has become a modern favorite.

We made it, thanks to you!

Our donation shortfall from December was met, and we reached our Afternoon Tea goal of 462 contributions.

atgb_320x180.jpg In fact, we went over our goal by 47 pledges in the last hour of Tea programming on Friday! So we're subtracting the 47 pledges from the number of contributions we need in June 2016. We just went from 462 contributions needed this June to 415!

All thanks to you!

Enjoy Afternoon Tea, uninterpreted on MPT!



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