December Pledge Campaign

The British comedies on Afternoon Tea are among MPT's most popular programs. For the past 5 years we have tried to raise funds around these shows without interrupting the schedule with pledge breaks.


Onslow is sitting here wondering
"when will you make that donation?"

Although we received many donations by airing brief spots after each show, we were not able to raise enough to cover the cost of these specials. Plus, the fees that we have to pay the BBC for broadcast rights have gone up over the last two years as well.

So beginning this December, we're going to try something a little bit different. You will still be able to watch the Britcoms every weekday afternoon starting at 1pm. But we're going to remove a program each day so that we can do a longer break after each show.

We are still not going to interrupt the shows–you will be able to enjoy each episode in its entirety!

We're going to do this during each of our 4 major pledge drives throughout the year. And during each drive we have set a goal of $20,000 in contributions that we need to raise in order to pay for the Afternoon Tea programs. (This amount is what they cost for each three months.)

We have until December 17 to reach our goal of $20,000 for this campaign.

We're trying are best to make sure that you continue to have the terrific Afternoon Tea shows every weekday afternoon, even during our fundraising drives. And we're very excited about a new show called "My Family" which will premiere in January 2017. It's your contributions that allow us to purchase new shows to refresh the Afternoon Tea lineup.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Judi Dench appearing in The Hollow Crown
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Judi Dench appearing in The Hollow Crown

She became involved in the project only after getting a surprise offer from another favorite actor from PBS programming!

An Abundance of Call the Midwife
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An Abundance of Call the Midwife

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British Christmas Dinner Recipes
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British Christmas Dinner Recipes

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