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Boxing Day

December 2019

One of the best things about Christmas Day is knowing that Boxing Day is just a day away.

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Boxing Day shopping

While Christmas Day is all systems go from the minute you get up, with the unwrapping of presents – most of which were only wrapped a few hours before – the continual basting of the turkey, the prepping of far too many vegetables to fit on the table, the polishing of silverware, the hunting down of matching napkins, whose once a year origami-like folds bring tears to the eyes - especially when they are casually unwrapped and placed on laps with nary a glance. And don’t forget the dishes. How could you – there’s enough of them and by the time they’re washed, dried and put away, it’s time to get them out again.

And then it’s all over. Shazam. Kaboom. But at last Boxing Day arrives giving us a chance to catch our breath.

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Boxing Day shopping

Boxing Day was traditionally when the servants of the wealthy were given their “Christmas boxes” – meaning a gift or a gratuity, or sometimes both, in appreciation for services rendered during the year. They’d also be given what might have been the best gift of all – a day off, when they’d be allowed to visit their families. The tradition still continues in a way. Family and friends swing by for a mince pie or slice of Christmas cake, vendors are tipped and the Government has replaced the wealthy in the gifting of a day off, by making Boxing Day a public holiday.

Since 1871, Boxing Day has been a day to kick back and relax. If the kids want to eat the candy from their selection boxes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so be it. And cold Yorkshire puddings go great with left over cranberry sauce.

Or maybe a major dose of retail therapy is your idea of relaxation; Boxing Day is now the busiest shopping day of the year in the U.K. Or perhaps rather than competing for that ultra special item that’s only available in limited quantities at drastically reduced prices, you’d prefer to watch others compete outside of the department store arena. On the soccer or rugby field, for instance, in one of the many games that are traditional scheduled to take place the day after Christmas.

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A traditional Boxing Day hunt

Another alternative to hunting down bargains, might be to don your red hunting coat (who doesn’t have one of those, eh?!) and join a traditional Boxing Day hunt. Although, since fox hunting with dogs was banned in 2004, you’ll have to follow an artificially laid trail.

However, you decide to spend it, we wish you a very merry Boxing Day! Tally-ho!

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