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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of February 24, 2020

Tea Time Tidbit

Peter Mullan

I hope you have been enjoying the latest addition to Afternoon TeaMum. As the show consists of only six episodes per series, season two will conclude at 3:30pm on Friday, March 28. Be sure to tune in – you will not be disappointed!

I’m sure you’ll agree the on-air chemistry between Lesley Manville, who plays Cathy, and Peter Mullan, who plays Michael, is terrific. If you’re familiar with Mullan, you’ll know that his role in Mum is completely different from anything he’s ever done before. You might, for instance have seen him in the immensely popular Ozark? That was just one of his mean guy roles. He’s had many more. Michael though is a sweetheart and no one was more surprised at the casting of Mullen in the role than Mullan himself!

At first, Mullan reportedly thought a mistake had been made and he couldn’t picture himself in the role at all. “It was terrifying”, said the actor. “In the first series, I wandered around like Michael does in a daze wondering, ‘When do I get to cut her head off?’ Because that’s normally what I do – I’m a bit lost without bloodshed!”

Mullan, the seventh of eight children, grew up in a working class family in Scotland and as a high schooler was a member of a street gang. At 17, he attended Glasgow University where he studied economic history and drama. His first day there coincided with the day his father died of lung cancer. As a 15-year-old and again when he was 18, Mullan experienced homelessness and later probably honed his tough guy skills working as a bouncer in various Glaswegian pubs.

In Mum there are no "baddies," instead, as the writer of the show Stefan Golaszewski explains, there are “simply people who are misunderstood or in pain.”

Mum airs at 3:30pm Monday-Friday, through February 27th. The following week Afternoon Tea will be taking a brief break in order to raise the funds to bring you shows such as the ones you enjoy week in and week out. Hold the Sunset, which will be replacing Mum in the Afternoon Tea schedule, is one such series. It starts John Cleese and Allison Steadman as a widowed couple who plan to start a new life together...until their plans are scuppered. The first episode of Hold the Sunset airs on MPT 3:30pm starting Monday, March 9th.

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