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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of March 19, 2019

Tea Time Tidbit

The cast of Are You Being Served?

It’s good to see the crew of Grace Brother’s Department Store back on Afternoon Tea. Sometimes I think the cast are having as much fun as us viewers!

One cast member in particular was especially known for his high-jinx. Arthur Brough, who played Mr. Granger, was reportedly – at least according to Trevor Bannister, who played Mr. Lucas, a “devil.” Apparently Brough knew that Bannister, John Inman and Wendy Richards had a tough time controlling their laughter, and whenever he could do so, he took advantage of cracking them up.

“He would always do these quiet little things,” said Bannister in an interview, citing a specific example of a scene during the canteen when the cast were given spaghetti to eat.

Tea Time Tidbit

John Inman and Arthur Brough

“Now he was perfectly capable of eating his spaghetti regularly,” said Bannister, of his friend, “but when he started filming, he deliberately took what must have been the longest piece and...sluuurp!”

One of the funniest stories Bannister recounted in the interview was in the episode called “The Takeover Bid.” If you’re a long-time fan of the series, I’m sure you’ll remember it – it’s the one where the staff pretend to be stockholders and Mr. Grainger wears a toupee. At one point Brough, deliberately shifted the toupee so that it covered one of his eyes. His antics almost caused Bannister’s voice to crack as he introduced him.

Brough appeared in the first five series of Are You Being Served?, but after his wife of fifty years died, he was so devastated by her death, that he announced he was giving up acting. He died just six weeks later.

You can see Are You Being Served? on Afternoon Tea at 3:30pm. Note: on Friday, March 22st, the show will air at 3:45pm.

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