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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of March 27, 2017

Tea Time Tidbit

David Jason as Granville and
Stephanie Cole as Mrs. Featherstone

If you’re a fan of Open All Hours, which ran for a long time on Afternoon Tea, be sure to tune in to MPT2 Sunday, April 2nd at 9pm for the pilot episode of the series sequel, Still Open All Hours.

Sadly, Ronnie Barker, who played shop owner, Arkwright, died in 2005. His character died with him, and the shop is now run by Arkwright’s nephew Granville, who inherited it from his uncle. David Jason still plays Granville, although the actor is now in his 70s and so is not quite the spry young errand boy we used to see hopping onto his delivery bike in the original series. Granville now has his own assistant, Leroy, his not very bright son, who apparently was the result of a one night stand in Blackpool. That’s just one of the many escapades I’m sure writer Roy Clark has been conjuring up for Granville over the last 30 years since the original series concluded.

Tea Time Tidbit

Original cast members
Barron, Barker and Jason

As well as Jason, also returning to the series is Linda Barron, who plays Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, and Stephanie Cole as Mrs. Delphine Featherstone. If you recall Mrs. Featherstone was nicknamed “The Black Widow” and was constantly in pursuit of Arkwright. Now that he’s no longer around, it's Granville’s turn to be the object of her unwanted affection! And finally, now in her 70s, Cole is the right age to play the character. It’s hard to believe she was only 35 when she first played Delphine.

Following Still Open All Hours, at 9:30pm on Sundays, is To the Manor Born, which is followed at 10pm by Lark Rise to Candleford. I’d love to know what you think of Still Open All Hours, so drop me a line.

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