The Former Mrs. "Doc Martin" Revealed

Tea Time Tidbit for the week of April 23, 2018

This week we continue to take a look at actors who appear on MPT that happen to be related. Or, in the case of Martin Clunes and Lucy Aston, no longer related.

Tea Time Tidbit

Lucy Aston

Clunes, as I’m sure you know, plays Doc Martin in the series of the same name, but you might not be as familiar with his first wife. The former Mrs. Clunes played Sarah Snow, the great-niece of Diana Trent in Waiting for God. Coincidentally, Stephanie Cole who played Diana, would later go onto play Clunes’ auntie Joan in Doc Martin.

Clunes and Aston met in 1986, long before Clunes was the huge success he is today. Both were appearing in a touring play and were housing together with other cast members at a cottage in Wales.

Tea Time Tidbit

Clunes goofing around while filming Doc Martin

Clunes’ girlfriend prior to Aston was actress Pippa Hayward, who you might have seen in Mr. Selfridge, where she played Miss Bunting, and in numerous detective series we air, including recurring roles in Scott and Bailey (DSI Julie Dodson) and Dalziel and Pascoe (ACC Rebecca Fenning). It was Aston, however, to whom Clunes proposed, reportedly after they had been to a Beach Boys concert and the couple married at a picturesque church in Chilham, Kent in 1990. Aston chose to wear a wedding dress of her own design, which included a green underskirt, a color that her friends reportedly warned her was unlucky.

“But I didn't listen”, Aston said in an interview a few years ago, with the Daily Mail. “I was so happy, and so in love, that I felt nothing could touch us, least of all some silly superstition.”

Tea Time Tidbit

Clunes with his wife, Philippa Braithwaite

The marriage, by both Clunes' and Aston’s accounts, was disastrous. Within three years the couple were separated and by 1997 divorced. After the separation Clunes married the now executive producer of Doc Martin, Phillipa Braithwaite. Meanwhile, following the conclusion of Waiting for God in 1994, it appears that Aston gave up acting, remarried and had a daughter.

Next week we’ll have the full scoop on how MPT will be airing a week-long celebration of one of the most anticipated marriages of the year; that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In the meantime, you can see Waiting for God on MPT, weekday afternoons at 2:00pm.

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