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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of May 8, 2017

Tea Time Tidbit

Samantha Bond and Francesca Annis

If you’re a faithful fan of the World War II drama series, Home Fires, which recently wrapped up its second season, I’m sorry to report that ITV, the network it aired on in the U.K., decided not to renew it for a third series.

As you can imagine their decision was not a popular one - especially given the fact that season two ended in a major cliff hanger. The minute UK viewers learned there wouldn't be a third series of Home Fires, they started a petition to bring it back. Despite over 38,000 signatures, the petition was unsuccessful.

Tea Time Tidbit

Home Fires cast members

The show’s creator, Simon Block, and executive producer, Francis Hopkinson, were as surprised as the viewers that their show was being axed. In fact, they had a third season all set to go - hence the cliff hanger.

“We thought we were coming back”, said Hopkinson in an on-line interview, “so we felt we were fairly safe. Maybe that was our mistake, feeling confident about it.”

Although the petition and the media attention it received didn’t convince ITV to renew the series, it may well have been responsible for the fact that Block has now written a series of Home Fires novels, which will pick up from where season two ended. The first novel, Keep the Home Fires Burning, is set to be released as a four part e-book series. The first part will be released in July, with the subsequent e-books coming out each month until the fall, when the complete novel will come out in paperback. Then in Spring of 2018, an as yet untitled follow up book will be published, again in e-book form.

Tea Time Tidbit

Julie Summers on set with actor Jim Whelan

“Novels are adapted for the screen all the time”, said Block in an interview, “why not the other way round?”

Someone who could not be more "delighted" that Home Fires will live on in Block’s novels, is writer Julie Summers who authored Jambusters, the novel on which Home Fires was based. Although she was quick to point out that Block’s novels are based on the television characters and not the women in her book.

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