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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of May 9, 2016

Lately we’ve been getting caught up on how some of the Downton Abbey cast members have been spending their time since the conclusion of the series. Actress Joanne Froggatt, who played the long-suffering Anna, has been busy working on a two-part drama that I’m happy to report we’ll be seeing on our screens next year.

Dark Angel is a Masterpiece presentation and like Downton it’s a period piece. But there the similarities end. Froggatt’s character is nothing like the one she played in Downton, for this time she plays the real-life Victorian serial killer Mary Cotton. The series was inspired by the book Mary Ann Cotton: Britain’s First Female Serial Killer by David Wilson. It tells the story of the miner’s daughter who gained notoriety for outranking Jack the Ripper in the number of murders she committed; three of her four husbands and 11 of her 13 children.


As Anna in Downton Abbey

It seems that the Yorkshire-born Froggatt couldn’t wait to swap her lady’s maid outfit for that of a poisoners’ gown, as she started filming Dark Angel just two days after production concluded on Downton. As for why the actress would choose to play such a different role? It seems she really didn’t have much choice.

As Froggatt told reporters earlier this year, "people kept saying to me, 'What did I want to do after Downton? I jokingly kept saying, 'Oh, I don’t know. Something completely different. Play a murderer or something," Then this script came along and I thought, 'Oh, I better put my money where my mouth is.'”

Froggatt is joined in the series by Thomas Howes, who played William Mason, the young second footman to whom Daisy was reluctantly married shortly before he died. Alun Armstrong, who played Brian Lane in New Tricks, also stars.


In Dark Angel

While we’re waiting for Dark Angel to air, you’ll have a chance to see Froggatt on the big screen in the film A Storm in the Stars, where she has a supporting role. Due to be released later this year, the film tells the story of the love affair between poet Percy Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft that resulted in the penning of the novel Frankenstein. Filming for A Storm in the Stars, concluded a couple of months ago and Froggatt already has another film lined up; One Last Thing. Froggatt is sure to be excited about that film, as it will be her very first American film role.

If you’re looking to see Froggatt sooner rather than later, try and get a hold of the 2010 film In Our Name, for which Froggatt won a Best Newcomer award for her performance of a female returning from serving in Iraq. I hear it’s excellent.

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