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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of June 10, 2019

Tea Time Tidbit

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam
as DS Morse and DI Fred Thursday

Sunday, June 16th sees the start of a new season of Endeavour on Masterpiece. It’s now 1969 and Endeavour and his boss DI Fred Thursday have been split up following the dissolution of Oxford City Police and the merger with Thames Valley Constabulary after the unexpected and shocking death of DC George Fancy.

Thursday is demoted as he is bumped down a rank and sent to work away from Oxford. Not only does he have to deal with working in a concrete block of a building, he also has to figure out how to handle a vending machine and – more importantly – how to deal with a very aggressive boss. As actor Roger Allam, who plays Thursday, puts it “things are not good in Thursday land.”

As for DS Morse, he’s back in uniform manning a one-man countryside police station in Woodstock (a place long-time fans of the original Inspector Morse fans will recognize from the very first Colin Dexter Morse book and subsequent television series, Last Bus to Woodstock).

Tea Time Tidbit

Shaun Evans sporting a new look

As well as now wearing a police uniform, DS Morse also sports a moustache. It’s not just a nod to the era in which the new series is filmed, but according to Shaun Evans who plays Morse, changing his appearance was the only way his character could bear look at himself in the mirror following the death of Fancy. And in case you’re wondering – the moustache is real. Not stick on.

Both Morse and Thursday’s former boss, Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright, also has a new lower level position when, following the dissolution of Crowley Police Station, he is left organizing traffic. As well as focusing in part on the death of DC Fancy, season six will also be delving a little more into Bright’s personal life, as we finally get to meet Mrs. Bright.

That’s just a little of what you can expect in the brand new series of Endeavour on Masterpiece, airing at 9pm on Sunday, June 16th.

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