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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of July 11, 2016

Tea Time Tidbit

Shaun Evans and John Thaw as Morse

If you’ve enjoyed watching the third series of Endeavor, you’ll be happy to know that a fourth series is in the process of being filmed (note: links to some amazing behind-the-scenes photographs are at the bottom of this page) and will be released next year. It’ll pick up a couple of weeks from where the third series left – the turn of the summer of 1967.

Endeavour is a prequel to the Inspector Morse series, which first aired in 1987. Season 4 will pay tribute to Inspector Morse’s 30th Anniversary with special guest appearances by actors from the original series. Actor James Lawrenson, for instance, who appeared in the very first episode of Inspector Morse as Tony Richards in The Dead of Jericho, will star as a new character; Professor Amory. Several other characters that appeared in Inspector Morse will also be featured and some of the Season 4 storylines will give a "nod" to some of our favorite Inspector Morse cases.

Tea Time Tidbit

Inspector Lewis (Kevin Whately) and
Detective Sergeant Hathaway (Laurence Fox)

The scripts for the new series were written by the series creator Russell Lewis. He also penned several of the Inspector Lewis scripts, as well as the Inspector Morse episode The Way Through The Woods. Colin Dexter, the author who created Inspector Morse, served as consultant to the show’s producers, just as he did with the first three series.

Dexter, who turns 86 at the end of September, likes to make the odd cameo appearance. It’s something he started out doing in Morse, continued with the Inspector Lewis series and has kept up the tradition with Endeavour. He has also ensured that no other actor will ever compete with John Thaw’s Inspector Morse by writing a clause in his will that prevents anyone else from playing the part.

Dexter felt so strongly about Thaw being the only one that could portray the character he created, that it took the producers of Endeavour four years to convince the author to allow Shaun Evans to play Morse as a young man. Dexter only relented when it was pointed out that someone playing Morse as a 27-year-old couldn’t possibly compete with Thaw’s more mature version.

For his part, Evans has made the character his own and has never tried to imitate Thaw’s portrayal. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that the person Evans used for inspiration was Monty Python star, Michael Palin, who was from the north and went to Oxford. “That’s how I imagine Morses’s voice”, said Evans. That’ll be something to listen out for when Endeavour returns next year.

Special thanks to photographer Nasir Hamid for capturing wonderful scenes from the filming of the fourth season of Endeavour.
» Page one of photographs - © Nasir Hamid/Simply Oxford
» Page two of photographs - © Nasir Hamid/Simply Oxford
» Page three of photographs - © Nasir Hamid/Simply Oxford

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