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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of July 23, 2018

Tea Time Tidbit

Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington
in The Good Life

We hope you’ve been enjoying To the Manor Born, which will be wrapping up on Monday, July 23rd, with the 1979 Christmas Special.

Penelope Keith, who played Audrey fforbes-Hamilton in To the Manor Born, first endeared herself to British telly viewers when she starred as Margo Leadbetter in The Good Life, or Good Neighbors as it was known over here. Paul Eddington played the role of Margo’s husband, Jerry.

Although Eddington had been acting all his life, it wasn’t until The Good Life, when he was approaching 50 years old, that he became a household name. His television success continued after The Good Life, with the role of the Right Honorable Minister James Hacker in Yes, Minister. That series goes into the Afternoon Tea 2pm slot, starting Tuesday, July 24th.

Tea Time Tidbit

Yes, Minister

Yes, Minister aired in the UK from 1980 to 1984. The pilot episode of the series, the episode that airs July 24th called "Open Government", was actually produced in 1979. When a UK General Election was called for the same year, it was decided that the series wouldn’t be transmitted until after the election was over, in order not to influence voters. Hacker’s party is actually never known and the writers went to great pains to hide the identity of the Government the series revolves around.

At the time Yes, Minister and its follow up series Yes, Prime Minister, first aired when the Conservatives were the ruling party in the U.K., lead by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She was a great fan of the show and said of it, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, that “its clearly-observed portrayal of what goes on in the corridors of power has given me hours of pure joy."

If you’re new to Yes, Minister, we hope you enjoy it as much as Dame Thatcher did. It airs weekday afternoons at 2pm, starting Tuesday, July 24th.

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