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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of August 19, 2019

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Ruth Wilson as her grandmother,
Alice Wilson

If you missed Masterpiece’s Mrs. Wilson the first time round, be sure to tune in on Sunday, September 1st at 8pm for a repeat showing.

This fascinating series stars Ruth Wilson in the title role and it’s no coincidence that the actress shares the same last name. The three-part drama was inspired by the marriage of her grandmother, Alice Wilson, to a man she discovered on his death had been leading a secret life.

Some of those details were documented in memoirs that Wilson was given the first part of by her grandmother when Wilson was 15. The second part was provided after her grandmother died. Despite the numerous discoveries made about the former MI6 agent, novelist and bigamist, Wilson’s grandfather’s still remains somewhat of a mystery.

“He is still a construct of the memories of him,” Wilson said in an interview last year. We don’t have anything substantial from his perspective. But we do have the blueprint of Alison’s memoir, which is something very personal and honest.

As well as starring in the series, Wilson was also its executive producer, and as such was key to getting her grandmother’s story adapted for television. This was the first time that Wilson has been behind the scenes as well as on the screen.

Another first for Wilson this year was her performance in a Shakespeare play, King Lear, in which she played the dual roles of Cordelia, Lear’s daughter, and the King’s protector, the Fool. The play performed on Broadway, with the role of Lear being played by Glenda Jackson.

A quick reminder, by the way, that Afternoon Tea will be taking a break the week of Monday, August 19th. Regular programs will resume Monday, August 26th.

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