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Douglas Henshall as Shetland's
Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez

If you’ve become a fan of the crime drama Shetland, you might want to know a little more about the area in which the majority of the series is filmed.

This bleak, but beautiful, area, which is also known as the Shetland Isles, is a cluster of about 100 islands located about a hundred miles off the north coast of mainland Scotland. Its capital is Lerwick, a town with a population of about 7,500 and it’s here where most of the filming of Shetland takes place.

Tea Time Tidbit


Lerwick is actually Shetland’s only town and about half of the Shetland Isles’ 22,000 people live within a ten-mile radius of Lerwick. Their dialect is a combination of Scottish and Scandinavian.

The Shetland Islands is probably an ideal place to film – at least during the summer – as film crews can take advantage of the fact that here are about 19 hours of daylight. The winter, of course, is another matter, with very short days, similar to Scandinavian countries. The winter does, however, afford visitors the occasional opportunity to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

Despite its diminutive size, Shetland has made a couple of major contributions to the world at large. Namely, Fair Isle woolen sweaters get their name from the Shetland Island of the same name. Their multi-colored designs reportedly were copied from clothing worn by shipwrecked Spanish sailors in 1588. Shetland ponies go even further back, having lived on the islands since the Bronze Age.

Shetland airs on MPT Friday nights at 8pm.

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