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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of September 3, 2018

On Thursday, September 13, we welcome back to Afternoon Tea the comedy series, After You’ve Gone. If you missed it the first time round, be sure to tune in at 3:30pm.

Tea Time Tidbit

Nicholas Lyndhurst with his on screen
son Ryan Sampson in After You’ve Gone

After You’ve Gone stars Nicholas Lyndhurst as an easy-going handyman, who, after his ex-wife has to leave for an extended trip to Africa, suddenly finds himself having to move back into his former marital home and raise his teenage children. Assisting Jimmy is his posh ex-mother-in-law, played by Celia Imrie. The series, which was created by Fred Barron, who also created My Family, also stars Amanda Abbington, who played Dr. Watson’s wife Mary in Sherlock.

Tea Time Tidbit

A young Lyndhurst (seated right)
with parents Geoffrey Palmer and Wendy Craig
and brother played by Andrew Hall.

Lyndhurst is one of the U.K.’s best loved actors, having appeared from 1978-1983 as the son of Geoffrey Palmer (As Time Goes By) and Wendy Craig in a long-running comedy, Butterflies. Before then, he was the son of Open All Hours’ Ronnie Barker in the comedy Going Straight.

Tea Time Tidbit

Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason
in Only Fools and Horses

The series Lyndhurst is most famous for though was the immensely popular Only Fools and Horses. And – before you ask - that comedy, to my knowledge, has never been made available this side of the pond. In it, Lyndhurst was brother to another familiar Afternoon Tea actor, David Jason, who took over Barker’s corner store in the Open All Hours sequel Still Open All Hours, which is the show After You’ve Gone will be replacing weekday afternoons.

It’s said that Open All Hours was inspired by a real-life store called L E Riddiford, which series creator Roy Clarke discovered while passing through the town of Thornbury in Gloucestershire. Apparently its owner, Barclay Riddiford, was known to locals as Mr. Open All Hours, owing to the late hours he would keep. It wasn’t unusual for anyone wandering the streets of Thornbury in the middle of the night to find the shop open.

Riddiford died in 2013, but the shop, which had been in the Riddiford family since 1928, is still popular with the Thornbury locals. It sells everything from organic dairy produce to garden furniture. It is, however, no longer open all hours, and nowadays closes at 7pm.

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