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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of September 16, 2019

Be sure to tune into Afternoon Tea Friday, September 20 for the pilot episode of Are You Being Served?!

Tea Time Tidbit

Members of the original cast of
Are You Being Served?

The writer/creator of the series, Jeremy Lloyd, got the idea for Are You Being Served? from his own experiences of working as a junior salesman in a large London department store; Simpsons in Piccadilly. In the pilot episode, you’ll see Mr. Humphries showing Mr. Lucas how to stretch a jacket by kneeing the stitching to make it seem roomier. This was one of the tricks Lloyd picked up while working at Simpsons.

A couple of other things to look out for in the series pilot are when Mr. Humphries fetches Mr. Lucas from helping the ladies. He refers to Mr. Granger as “Griffin”. Also, you’ll notice that when Mr. Lucas says “I am about find the ‘other’ pair of trousers”, you can see the tear in the trousers can before he puts his knee into it!

Talking of Mr. Lucas, the junior member of the department, Trevor Bannister who played him, was actually 37 when the show started – a year older than his co-star John Inman, who played Mr. Humphries.

Tea Time Tidbit

Trevor Bannister with Last of the
Summer Wine
cast members

Sadly, Bannister died of a heart attack in April of 2011 at the age of 76. The actor starred in Are You Being Served? since its inception, until 1979, then in 2003 he joined the cast of another Afternoon Tea favorite; Last of the Summer Wine. In it, he played Toby Mulberry Smith, the Captain of the local golf club. Bannister stayed with LOTSW until the series ended in 2010.

Last of the Summer Wine airs at 1:30pm weekday afternoons on MPT. Are You Being Served? airs immediately afterwards at 2pm.

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