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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of October 21, 2019

Last week we bought you the sad news that Juliette Kaplan, who played Pearl in Last of the Summer Wine, died shortly after celebrating her 80th birthday.

Tea Time Tidbit

Howard and Pearl

For those who might be wondering, Scottish actor Robert Fyfe, who played Pearl’s husband Howard in the series, now seems to have retired from the acting profession, but at 93 can you blame him? He last appeared on television in 2017 in two episodes of a comedy series that aired on Sky 1 TV called Carters Get Rich. It didn’t receive good reviews and ended after just one six-episode season.

Tea Time Tidbit

Howard and Marina

Jean Fergusson, who starred as Howard’s not so secret “love interest” Marina in LOTSW, also doesn’t seem to have done much acting the last few years. Her last television appearance was in a series called Doctors in 2013. She also made an appearance on a quiz show called Pointless in 2017. It was on that show that Fergusson confessed to the show’s host that as her LOTSW character aged, so too did she, and dressing up in a mini-skirt or shorts and a low cut blouse didn’t have quite the same appeal as it had a couple of decades or more earlier. Especially as she was in her mid-60s by the time her 25-year stint in the series came to an end.

"But we battled through,” added the Wakefield-born Fergusson, showing her true Yorkshire grit and determination. "We got on the bike and off we went."

The original vintage bike that Fergusson’s character used in the series was replaced in the mid-1990s, but Fergusson was allowed to keep the 1950s Phoenix bicycle she’d become so attached to. Before loading it into her hatchback, she got the cast and crew to sign it and planned to display it in her hallway or living room. It was so big though that it ended up taking pride of place on a couple of hooks in her garage instead.

In 2014, Fergusson moved from Yorkshire to London and was unable to fit the bicycle into her new home, so she put it up for auction, where it fetched £500.

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