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If you've been watching My Family since we first started airing it, did you notice the resemblance, in early episodes of the series, between Gabriel Thomson, who played Michael, and a young Daniel Radcliffe when he was in his first year at Hogwarts? The two actors looked very similar when they were young and both matched the physical description J.K. Rowling penned for her wizarding hero, Harry Potter, to a T.

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The cast of My Family


It was Thomson, however, not Radcliffe, who was first rumored to be cast as Harry in the Warner Brothers film series. He was already known to British viewers for his portrayal of Pip in the 1999 BBC adaptation of Great Expectations and had also been seen the year before on the big screen in The New Adventures of Pinocchio. So the rumors were well justified.


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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

Getting the coveted role of Harry Potter would have sent Thomson's career skyrocketing. Like the wizard in training of whom J.K. Rowling wrote, 'every child in the world' would have known 'his name.' Instead, it is now Daniel Radcliffe who we all think of as 'Harry'. In fact, Radcliffe is so associated with the beloved fictional character who grew up before our eyes, that two or three years ago when I saw him appear in a play on Broadway, the minute he stepped on stage the audience burst into applause – and wouldn't stop!

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In the film Enemy at the Gates (2012)

Thomas lost out to Radcliffe for the coveted role of Harry because at 13 he was a couple of years too old for the part. Whereas the unknown Radcliffe was the exact same age Harry Potter was when he went off to Hogwarts. Not long after missing out on Harry Potter, Thomson joined the My Family family. He was with the series from 2000 until 2011 and was the only Harper kid to appear in all 11 series. From 2009, between series tapings, Thomas spent time travelling the world with a touring Shakespeare company and at the conclusion of My Family, he appeared in a film called Lost Choices.

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Left, in Series 11 of My Family

Two years ago, Thomson announced that he'd given up acting and was to attend King's College in London to study for a degree in Philosophy. The University he's at though just so happens to have a most excellent Shakespeare company, so it comes as no surprise to discover that last December Thomson appeared in a King's College production of Shakespeare's The Tempest. The just turned 31-year-old is due to graduate next year and we wish him well.

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