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Tea Time Tidbit for the week of December 2, 2019

Tea Time Tidbit

The cast of As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By ran in the U.K. from 1992 to 2005 and in all that time the same house was used for the outside scenes. Even after the home changed hands. Another thing that didn’t change was the show’s crew. From the camera men, to the wardrobe and make-up, they all remained the same throughout the series.

One of the things that did change with every episode filmed, a brand new live audience was bought in, so the laughs you hear are real and not a laugh track. Although sometimes, if there was a technical glitch, or maybe an actor flubbed his lines, the audience would be asked to laugh again during the retake. If the first laugh was better, that would be edited in, alongside the second take footage. It was a rare occurrence though, as each episode was rehearsed for a week prior to the filming taking place. The exterior shots were filmed first over a two-week period, before moving into the studio.

Although goofs were few and far between, there was reportedly a time that the entire set had to be shut down for 20 minutes while the crew did a major clean up following an accidental overflow of coffee. It seems that the coffee press Moira Brooker was holding, when her character Judy was first proposed to by Philip Bretherton’s character Alistair, was filled to the brim. So much so that when she set it down on the table, it went everywhere. The scene was re-filmed and so next time that episode comes up, notice how Judy handles the coffee pot ever so gently.

As Time Goes By was originally to be called "Winter With Flowers." It was a very unpopular title among the cast and crew, though, and so at the end of the taping of the first episode, when a cake was bought out bearing the title, everyone refused to eat any of it unless the name of the series was changed.

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